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*Dr. Johnson is a direct service provider (DSP). See below

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With your first office visit at Women's Health & Wellness, LLC, Dr. Johnson will gather information from you regarding your complete past/present medical, social & emotional profile. Obtaining accurate information relating to your current and past situation from your own narrative is vital in establishing a best fit between doctor/client as well as determining future direction for support and success. Fee: $125.00


Dr. Johnson's health/medical psychology training and philosophy centers around engaging the entire brain/body at the somatic or neural level for your central nervous system comfort and receptivity to any psychological counseling or treatment. Blending a biological nature-based & holistic treatment with cognitive support toward your complete psychological and emotional health and wellness is the priority of Dr. Johnson. It is an organic nature-based approach that works with your biology, not masking, bringing about a more balanced and emotionally sustainable approach to life, health & wellness. Following assessment at intake you will be offered a customized psychological support service including revisiting your childhood to first "re-connect" any psychological disconnects (cognitive dissonance) that may influence current emotional and behavioral concerns. Dr. Johnson will discus cognitive healing styles, social skills training and any communication improvement needs she observes that can assist you for life success and provide you maintenance consultations (typically 1-2x's a month); customized educational resources, classes, and workshops also available for additional supports as a package treatment plan. Fee: $125-250


PTSD/c-PTSD or "trauma-based issues" are dealt with the highest clinical sensitivity and care.Therefore, Dr. Johnson will discuss the many scientifically supported and personal successes in helping other find the healing benefits for c-PTSD & PTSD  from a somatic based "deep-dive"  to the very seat of your trauma~~ your central and enteric nervous systems. The latest in Neurofeedback technology and brain re-training assistance programs offered at Women's Health & Wellness, LLC that will allow your brain to relax enough to move into the "Delta" or placebo self-healing frequency long enough for the body to make epigenetic neural repair (switching on an off your gene expression) repairing your own body memory releasing you completely from what I term "limbic system neural feedback looping" or rather releasing you from your eternal emotional triggers.  Fee: Depending upon the "menu of services" chosen which will be established at time of first session. Fee: $175-250/treatment sessions


The Deep Dive Shamanic Healing Journey offered by Dr. Johnson is based upon her own personal journey to mental health & wellness after growing up through years of parental emotional neglect and unavailability coupled with sibling physical/sexual abuses in childhood (see Resources tab to purchase).                         

Dr. Johnson offers a brief look into her own shamanic journey and vision quest to overcome the demons we all have and carry from childhood abuses and neglect (i.e. non-supportive environments). Some more profound than others. Some pain and grief energies that lay at the heart of c-PTSD & PTSD particularly pushes deep into the subconscious mind where the psyche "throws away the key" and the body carries on like an "adult zombie" either saying and doing all the "right things" according to society OR RAGE out at society for all the violations of trauma against a child's soul. If this describes you, your inner child is longing for a voice. Longing to come out of prison once an for all. The emotional/mental prison OTHERS fashioned in your childhood but you keep alive. Let's gently coax your wounded inner child out together in a sacred vision quest together...a personal shamanic deep dive into your very soul! Your battle will be well worth facing and fighting all demons that present during your "dark night of the soul" journey and the drums will hold a sacred space  making sure the path is safe for you to fight for your very own sanity while you purge and clear neurophysiological blocks (subconscious body memory) where, after a time, your mind/body will exhaust and naturally move into a healing & restorative space during downtime healing for final recovery stage (a LOT of sleep and water during this time is vital). You WILL be victorious over your inner demons once and for all time and become fully integrated and at home in your body once more. FEE: To be determined at time of assessment


Nature therapy is based upon a belief in the healing power of nature! Nature therapy services are available for those who find their home among the calming sights and sounds of mother nature. Choose a public location that is comfortable for you and provides a relaxed natural atmosphere where you can "let you hair down" and freely speak to Dr. Johnson without the confines of a clinical setting. Dr. Johnson will meet you "in nature", be it a local park or beach for a more relaxed session. Fee: $120


During these sessions, Dr. Johnson can help support and guide any individual seeking support into a deeper inner exploration of their life as you will discover your unique gifts, talents, dreams, and goals and to help you remove past or subconscious (hidden) emotional and psychological blocks causing unknown limiting belief. These powerful sessions will assist you to blossom into your full and amazing potential and best version of yourself so you may live a happier, more heart-centered life with renewed passion and vitality. Sessions are generally 50 minutes in length. Fee: Three session package for only $125!


From venting to just needing emotional care, support and understanding, join us for our expanding community women's support group! Meeting each Saturday at 11am. Summer months will be adjusted according to vacations. Register now to get support group dates/times. Fee: FREE


Dr. Johnson is now offering "house calls" for clients pre-screened for home counseling. Please schedule free 20 min. consult with Dr. Johnson to establish pre-screening.  FEE: TBD

Direct Service Providers

Dr. Johnson has joined a growing number of physicians and psychologists across the nation who now are offering a “menu” of counseling, medical and support services as Direct Service Providers (DSP). Direct Service providers are setting the highest standards of medical and behavioral health care and this model of patient/client care is the medical and behavioral health care model of the future! Direct Service physicians and psychologists are doctors who are able to provide the highest quality medical & behavioral health care for you without political restrictions by third-party insurance companies dictating your medical and behavioral health care needs and, who oftentimes are not qualified healthcare providers themselves making decisions for you by restricting your coverage to lowest quality of care/diagnostics available on the market (aka: "managed care-the medical model of the 80's disaster that remains today) which effectively stripped physicians, hospital administrators and mental health clinicians of the right to make appropriate treatment decisions and placed that authority squarely in the hands of unqualified employees of insurance companies who, in this failed social/medical model experiment, revealed that "managed care" did NOT bring down the cost of rapidly increasing health/behavioral health care costs, but rather not only increased at an alarming rate but only really revealed a new dystopian medical and behavioral health care model that yields mass profits for its corporate shareholders and where your annual individual/family deductible is based solely on amounts that yield maximum dividend returns for them (refer to article below "Judge Scathing Rebuke Of Health Insurance Company"). In fact, health insurance companies make billions from the premiums of healthy individuals and waste enormous financial resources on time and efforts restricting your access to appropriate care coverage. With over 25 years of clinical experience and helping over 20K individuals and families across the U.S. at one of the largest health insurance companies in the U.S. I know first hand and as an ethical doctor I chose to disagree with greedy corporate owned "health/behavioral health" insurance companies run under the failed social experiment of managed care model of the 80's. I join thousands of doctors and legislators across this nation who believe that healthcare is a fundamental human right and that you and your family's health should not be held hostage to corporate stockholders where you are forced to pay the highest ransom (premiums and deductables) for any hope of quality of care in the United States.

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**Dr. Johnson’s fees and services are listed on the Women’s Health & Wellness, LLC website and full payment is expected at each appointment for services rendered. If however you are in need of consideration for a reduced hourly rate then a sliding fee scale is available upon request and arrangements will be made upon agreement.

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