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As a Doctor of Health Psychology, I believe that mental health is more than the absence of DIS-ease. To be in good mental health means to be in a state of physical, mental, and emotional balance which allows individuals to sustain a stable environment for optimal personal and professional growth and development

What is a Health/Medical Psychologist?​​

Health Psychology (Div. 38 of the APA) is a sub-specialty of the scientific study in the field of Psychology. Health (or sometimes referred to as Medical Psychology) arose as a specialty in psychology the 90's with new advances in Neuroimaging technologies that came onto the field of medicine. These new diagnostic tools now allow the specialties of health psychology, neuropsychology and behavioral neuroscientists to become evidenced based social scientists with peer-reviewed journals. Neuroscience has come a long way in mapping the brain's most basic but major structures and functioning systems during the global "brain-race" during the "Decade of the Brain". Brain scanning capabilities such as the CT scan, PET Scan, MRI, fMRI, and SPECT scans all have provided a burst of new scientific knowledge surrounding the brain allowing behavioral neuroscientist, and other fields, to understand the workings of the brain as never before, and further, how differing neural wiring can affect cognitive and behavioral processes in turn. Of which the Autism & PTSD brain research is at the forefront but still has a long way to go!

Social scientists such as Health Psychologists and Behavioral Neuroscientist and others have over 100 years combined researching, observing, running psychology experiments, and reporting the most current and effective results what variables greatly influence cognition (emotions & beliefs as well) which governs behavior. Health Psychologists, Neuropsychology and Behavioral Neuroscience all have and continue to explore the great mystery and hidden power contained within the brain/behavior connection. These disciplines are responsible for the latest research in just some of the following areas of what it means to "be human";

  • Behavior Modification-Behavioral Psychology
  • Phenomenology- Social Psychology
  • Healing from emotional wounding and the body will follow-Somatic based Psychology
  • How the brain heals after a traumatic brain injury-Neuro-rehabilitation based on Neuropsychology
  • The way you view your world controls your behavior-Cognitive Psychology
  • The way you raise your children can be the genesis of their behavioral disturbances through out their life time-Developmental Psychology
  • Autism-Health Psychology/Behavioral Neuropsychology

When you are ready to connect to a professional choose the expert that fits your needs! The LAST thing you need is to yet another misdiagnosis from clinical psychology pathologizing common challenges and struggles or minimizing your unique gifts and abilities thereby reducing you to a label with a diagnostic code for insurance billing rather than celebrating neurodiversity and differing cognitive abilities where positive psychology works with your strengths and doesn't shy away from investigating your "dark side" (we all have it)! in the absence of a label moving you onward to clearing blocks and repairing old wounds or attachment disorders. Women's Health & Wellness, LLC understands your unique needs and abilities and will help support and guide you on your journey in discovering yourself at a deeper level as you learn to clear emotional blocks moving you into greater personal and professional success that is fulfilling and sustainable!

Healthfully Yours,