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My Story- Coming out!


   Growing up, I was adopted and raised by two career oriented law enforcement parents who did not really notice my own high functioning traits. At the time during the 60's there were not any reliable psychosocial tests, especially based upon girls, that included also gifted abilities. I struggled through out my "challenges" with social situations with my peers just not understanding idiosyncratic behaviors that differ from the norm and therefore I was the target of school bullying by the "mean girls" and sibling abuse by my brother. Like so many girls, I assumed these challenges were from theses very traumas I had experienced in childhood, and indeed like other women with childhood neglect/abuse, I became extremely anxious which only highlighted my "odd, geeky" behaviors. One of them was my extreme focused interest in all things psychology!

    I found solace researching and studying in the field of neuropsychology and discovered the many neurodiverse ways in which our brains develop and continue to change and grow through out your lifetime. Since we all process the world dependent upon how we were raised in addition to the structure and function of our individual brains, it becomes vital we all seek to support and understand each others experiences, challenges, feelings and reality. Celebrating Neurodiverse Brains!

   Many beautiful women on the spectrum have said to me since discovering they were high functioning that there is a sense of great relief and peace that comes over you from an entire life (meltdowns and all!) of not understanding a great deal of social nuances.  Seeking my own support, I was personally able to find that understanding and close the massive cognitive dissonance gap once and for all which causes much of our own suffering since the brain demands our world make sense. From my sensory sensitivities of light, sound, touch, taste and smell to "feeling deeply" with overactive "mirror neurons", I certainly understand where you are coming from.

  Since my late-life diagnosis I have discovered that girls and women on the spectrum are courageous, intelligent, have raised lovely families, and have successfully managed to navigate the many communication and sensory challenges facing girls and woman who "dance on the spectrum". I'm proud to offer services in support of this rarely researched or understood population that oftentimes gets misdiagnosed as something more pathological when in fact, we simply have different neural wiring so in actuality should be celebrating Neurodiversity and learning from one another.   I join the many other health care providers across the nation who are Direct Service Providers (DSP) for psychological and behavioral support services. I maintain a small private practice in the Portland, OR Metro area were I offer women's support groups, classes, counseling, life & career coaching to support and empower women to live a life of great happiness and sustainable success! Classes start soon!


If you or someone you love is hurting in mind/body or spirit, please schedule and appointment with me today! Please see my Fees/Services tab for further information and scheduling. 

Healthfully Yours,