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My Journey

by Dr. Darla K. Johnson PhD


I was adopted in the early 60's and raised by two career oriented law enforcement parents with "50's values" who instilled in me a strong sense of right and wrong and modeled to me high work and ethical values; ones I practice to this day.  I found an early interest in studying and researching psychology. Thus began my life-long learning and love affair with the human brain and behavior. So I threw my life into the study of psychology early on during high school and in college I was fortunate enough to have entered my undergraduate studies during the 90's at the very start of neuroimaging technologies where I chose to focus my studies on the brain/body/behavior connection and began researching the brain and central nervous system as part of my medical training.

    The 90's was declared the "Decade of The Brain" by presidential decree and a time in history when neuroimaging was at its height as a neurological diagnostic tool for brain disorders (see What is Health Psychology? tab). Enormous breakthroughs occurred during this decade of the brain; such as evidence our brains are "plastic", rather than fixed or hard wired in its entirety, called neuroplaticity. During the year of the brain we also discovered the brain can create new brain cells (neurogenesis) and even make new connections after injury, through intense neural rehabilitation and brain retraining programs. Patients learned to "self-repair" by change existing neurocortical pathways (messaging system in the body) by consciously using their own body's powerful internal pharmacology allowing the brain and body to self-repair. This amazing ability for individuals to regenerate and repair brain cells became the gold standard referred to as the "placebo" effect~the ability to create our own healing power within our body to heal or retrain our brain/behavior systems! Amazing! Also, behavioral neuroscientists now understand how the upset or disruption within any one the brain/body/behavior systems can cause emotional/psychological distress and develop into physical disease if not repaired early stage. The brain/body/behavior is a sensitive and symbiotic interconnected system that needs to be realize and nurtured. You cannot move through life with optimal health without all systems being in balance. At times we need to seek a professional to assist with bringing balance (homeostasis) back to your entire system in order to see clearly to  move forward with confidence and success.

    I am proud to offer services in support of Neurodiversity, educating and treating the various ways in which we can lose our sense of balance in this world and I honor your right for self-exploration and a right to grow beyond your previous life/societal conditioning to see a whole new world awaiting you, by overcoming and actually altering both DNA & perception at the Epigenetic level, oftentimes emotionally overcoming any childhood unresolved issues of an abusive or emotionally non-supportive environment and clearing the way for a new life.

    I also join many other health care providers across the nation who now identify as Direct Service Providers (DSP) for psychological and behavioral support services (see fees & services tab). I maintain a small private practice in the Portland, OR Metro area and also offer SKYPE counseling for international clients. I also specialize in PTSD, c-PTSD, and women empowerment through psychoeducation, counseling, life & career coaching and vast resources to live a life of great happiness and sustainable success!


If you or someone you love is hurting in mind/body or emotions, please schedule and appointment with me today! Please see the Fees/Services tab for further information and scheduling. 

Healthfully Yours,

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