​​Darla K. Johnson, PhD 

Health Psychologist

​Psychotherapist &

​Behavioral Neuroscientist

"As a Doctor of Health Psychology, I believe that mental health is more than the absence of DIS-ease. To be in good mental health means to be in a state of physical, mental, and emotional balance which allows individuals to sustain a stable environment for optimal personal and professional growth and development." 

Hello and Welcome to Higher Consciousness Living, LLC. My name is Dr. Darla K. Johnson and I am a Direct Service Provider (DSP) for psychological and professional image services. Direct Service Providers are those doctors (Medical/Psychological) who are choosing to eliminate the broken third-party payor system by directly providing the patient or client with a range of highly qualified health care services. I am a health/medical psychologist, psychotherapist, holistic practitioner and former adjunct professor for behavioral neuroscience for over 25 years. I have worked at the corporate behavioral healthcare environment for thirteen years and currently maintain a small private practice at Sage Center for Wholeness and Health, LCC were I continue to see clients, offer support groups and conduct parenting classes. 

Health Psychology (Div. 38 of the APA) is a sub-specialty of the scientific study of human behavior and cognition. Health Psychology arose as a sub-specialty in the 90's in the field of psychology that focuses on using scientific inquiry of the brain/behavior connection with new advances in neuroimaging technologies that came into the field of medicine in the early 90's. These new diagnostic tools that allowed neuroscientists to peer into and eventually map the brain sparked a global race during the "Decade of the Brain." Brain scanning capabilities such as the CT scan, PET Scan, MRI, fMRI, and SPECT scans all have provided a burst of new scientific knowledge surrounding the brain allowing behavioral neuroscientist, and other fields, to understand the workings of the brain as never before, and further, how these neurochemical processes can in turn, effect our behavior.

Social scientists such as Health Psychologists and Behavioral Neuroscientist and others have over 100 years combined researching, observing, running psychology experiments, and reporting the most current and effective results what variables greatly influence cognition (emotions & beliefs as well) which governs behavior. Health Psychologists, Neuropsychology and Behavioral Neuroscience all have and continue to explore the great mystery and hidden power contained within the brain/behavior connection. These disciplines are responsible for the latest research in just some of the following areas of what it means to "be human";

  • Behavior Modification
  • Phenomenology
  • Healing from emotional wounding and the body will follow 
  • How the brain heals after a traumatic brain injury (Neuro-rehabilitation based on neuroplasticity)
  • What you FEEL presents in your body (psychosomatic illness)
  • The way you view your world controls your behavior (stimulus-response/indoctrination)
  • The way you raise your children can be the genesis of their behavioral disturbances through out their life time (childhood abuse/neglect is correlated with attachment disorders and development of personality disorders or Cluster B disorders)

Since the turn of the Century, for nearly 100 years, dedicated psychologists have researched and tested variables for any behavior (from womb to tomb) that can be studied. 

For these reasons it is vital for individuals to understand and fully realize that just as Doctors of Medicine are experts in the mechanics of the body, Doctors of Health Psychology have training far beyond a mechanistic view of a person and receive advance training in medicine AND psychology (Behavioral Neuroscience) and are experts and healers of the mind & heart which in turn, will heal the body. Seek a Doctor of Medicine when your body is sick, seek out and expert in mind/body interaction allowing you to be a fully integrated and whole person inside AND out!


If you or someone you love is hurting in mind/body or spirit, please schedule and appointment with me today! Please see my Fees/Services tab for further information and scheduling. 

Healthfully Yours,