15 Simple Tips for Optimal Aspie Mind & Body Health!

by Dr. Darla

Health Psychologist

1. Be grateful - Start a regular routine of morning and evening gratitude reflections. Perhaps start a gratitude journal so you and reflect back on your accomplishments & challenges to hone in on areas of correction to reach your goals and dreams.
2. Get plenty of sleep - Sleep allows the body to regenerate at the cellular level. The more sleep you get the better you will perform the next day and show up at your best.
3. Breathe deeply - Stop and make more conscious breaths over the course of your day. With brain retraining this will become a healthy habit.

4. Movement- Start a movement exercise such as Yoga, Running, Zumba, or Quoya and doing it regularly.
5. Install a shower filter - Chlorine is a poison. You don't want to inhale it or absorb it through your skin while showering.
6. Ground yourself - Literally. Plant your bare feet on the earth as often as possible. Go for a walk regularly, commune with nature, sit and reflect. Let Earth's gentle vibrational frequencies bring down and retrain your own biorhythms back to stress free homeostasis.
7. Eat organic when possible - Chemicals are killing pests on the crops. They are not good for you either.
8. Smile more - It feels great :)
9. Spend more time with "safe people" - In our busy lives we need to make time for the people who matter to us most but limit outings to your comfort level. Remember its about managing triggers and not masking.
10. Live your passion - Do more of what you love and remove negative influences whether people, places or "things" in your life that no longer serve your health and well-being
11. Meditate- Set some time aside each day to sit still in silence to rest your mind.
12. Drink clean water - Get a filtration system for your drinking water. Fluoride is not good for your body.
13. Remove Negative Influences on your Health and life long well-being. Start to remove  influences in your life that no longer support your health and well-being
14. Eat plenty of greens - Dark leafy greens are rich in vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll. They help alkalize the body.

15. Book a class, workshop, support group night or counseling session to get expert Aspie Women advice grounded in professional and personal experience. Dr. Darla  offers Autism Spectrum (AS) support and education, behavior modification training, "De-coding the World's Language" classes,  and "Aspie Pro-Image" management & emotional intelligence (EQ) training for business success. Also somatic based self- calming and brain retraining programs using Virtual Reality and Muse, the brain sensing headband (medical grade EEG)  to assist you in brain training exercises so you may strengthen neural networks bringing your best and highest potential as a human being.

As a Direct Service Provider (DSP),  a highly trained and qualified  mental health provider (QMHP) and successful Aspie Woman! I offer a science-based perspective with compassionate support to locate areas of psychological & emotional distress (triggers) helping open awareness to your gifts, talents and times you need to return to a natural ground state within the body for homeostasis which in turn provides nuturing happiness, joy, peace and complete health that is sustainable for success! 

Don't just survive, thrive!