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Inner Integration of Mind & Body

When there is Mind/Body imbalance, it's your health that can suffer. Find out how to stay in perfect balance...

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"Where women and educators can find informative workshops, classes, and consultations with

Health Psychologist, Advocate & Educator Dr. Darla PhD"

Women's Health & Wellness, LLC offers women a safe space to receive emotional and psychological support and support groups. Receive the most current parenting, intimacy issues, career & work balance consultations from a qualified mental health provider (QMHP) and college educator with over fifteen years of behavioral/medical health care experience. Dr. Darla focuses on women empowerment by also offering women and local & national educators various classes & workshops.

Women’s Health & Wellness, LLC is here to support your journey to evolving into the best version of yourself where you learn to heal and find sustainable joy in life! Dr. Darla specializes in c-PTSD, PTSD & Asperger’s Syndrome (high functioning autism-“Aspie”) support & resources. LGBTQ friendly!

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  • Late Life AS Diagnosis-What Now?
  • Dealing with ​Depression & Anxiety
  • Social Skills Training
  • De-coding the language of a Neurotypical (NT)
  • ​Finding the support you need
  • When/Where and to whom you should disclose



  • ​Career Counseling for Aspie Women
  • C-Suite Image Management Training for Aspie professionals! (popular)