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Receive Emotional, Psychological & Spiritual Healing and Guidance through Psychotherapy, Neurofeedback and the Ancient Wisdom & Healing Arts with Health Psychologist, Former College Educator, Author, & Modern Mystic

Dr. Darla K. Johnson PhD 

Achieving  Mind, Body and Emotional Balance is the Key to Lasting Health & Well-Being....

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Where there is Mind/Body/Spirit imbalance, it's your health that will suffer. Find out how to stay in perfect work/life balance.....

Receive the most current evidenced-based relationships, parenting, and career/life balance psychological support and advanced 21st century neurofeedback treatment modalities from a qualified mental health provider (QMHP) and college educator with over thirty years of advanced training and experience working with individuals and families helping them to successfully overcome immediate or long-term internal struggles and helping them to meet their personal and professional goals! Dr. Johnson's practice focuses on women empowerment by offering both national and international clients psychological support, neurofeedback, and educational resources for personal and professional growth and development. Women’s Health & Wellness, LLC is here to support your journey in evolving toward the best version of yourself where you finally find sustainable health & joy in your life! Dr. Johnson specializes in c-PTSD, PTSD & somatic based treatment services using virtual reality (VR) and neurofeedback technologies to clear blocked neurological "standing trauma frequency waves" (aka; clearing body memory) located at the seat of trauma deep in the sensory nervous system (enteric nervous system). LGBTQ friendly!

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