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Celebrating Neurodiversity!

Where women who dance on the spectrum can find loving support, community resources

and life coaching with Health Psychologist and Aspie, Dr. Darla PhD

Women, Health & Wellness LLC offers AS support, advocacy, and life coaching for women who face the many challenges & blessings surrounding living on the Autism Spectrum (AS)~We are known around the world as "Aspie Women" and we have a lot to offer the world!

Support and services for personal and professional success include the following;

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Inner Integration of Mind & Body

When it comes to an Aspie Women's Health & Wellness turn to an expert. Don't trust your Behavioral Health Services to  just anyone .........discover the difference!

When there is Mind/Body imbalance, it's your health that can suffer. Find out how to stay in perfect balance...

Ask an Expert!

  • Late Life AS Diagnosis-What Now?
  • Dealing with ​Depression​ & Anxiety
  • Social Skills Training
  • De-coding the language of a Neurotypical (NT)
  • Finding the support you need
  • When/Where and to who you should disclose



  • ​Career Counseling for Aspie Women
  • ​Business Professionals &
  • C-Suite Image Management Training for Aspie professionals! (popular)